Przegląd programistycznych newsów
ze świata IT 9 sierpnia 2019 roku

  1. Apple Confirms $1 Million Reward For Anyone Who Can Hack An iPhone
  2. You’ve heard of „yes men”. Now learn about „no men”.
  3. Browsers are pretty good at loading pages, it turns out
  4. GitHub Launches Actions-powered CI/CD Service, Free for Public Repos
  5. Three Questions to Ask When Figuring Out Software Development Bottlenecks
  6. How to Succeed in Your Software Engineering Internship
  7. What is this crazy keyword?
  8. New Approach Could Sink Floating Point Computation
  9. You need juniors in your team
  10. 5 Visual Studio Code Tricks to Boost Your Productivity

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Importance of Reading Code and Technical Papers

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